10 Hidden Places with Anti-Mainstream Views in Bali

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 Travel.RumahNews.com - WHAT comes to your mind when you visit Bali?  Sunbathing on the beach, surfing the bumpy waves, having fun on the banana boat and the thrilling rides.  As well as tasting exotic food, don't forget to explore a busy city with crazy nightlife.  Until you feel overwhelmed by all this tourist activity.

 At that moment, you will feel like you are no longer a tourist looking for pleasure, but a traveler who happens to be looking for an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the universe.

 Bali is an island that has not only beaches and oceans, but also limitless beautiful places where you can enjoy peace and tranquility.

 Whether you are an exhausted traveler looking for a moment of relief, or just looking for a secluded experience.

 Here are 10 hidden scenic spots in Bali that are anti-mainstream and you should try them as reported by Okezone from Indonesia Tripcanvas, Monday (14/9/2020).

 1. Giant swing above the treetops and water: Top of Lake Buyan Wanagiri, Bedugul

 At the top of Lake Buyan Wanagiri, you can challenge yourself on the big swing that takes you right to the treetops and Lake Buyan, one of the twin lakes in Bedugul.

 This strange swing was hanging from a big, sturdy tree.  If you feel you have a light weight, you can feel the ride in a swing together with a partner or friend.


 Photo by Indonesia.Tripcanvas

 If you're wondering how to get on a swing, there are actually steps you can climb on.

 If you feel that you are gutsless and lacking courage, simply relax and share your fun on Instagram at this bamboo lookout right next to it!

 If you drive there for about five minutes, you will find this giant Instagrammable bird's nest!

 2. Enjoy lush green views stretching out to the sand and sea at Candidasa: Guungan Hill

 Candidasa in East Bali is famous for its traditions and clear waters suitable for snorkeling.

 But there is a hidden place that could be the next sensation in the region.

 Once you arrive, you can not only enjoy the view of the city of Candidasa, but also the moment where the sea meets the beach!  Coupled with the charm of gili.

 You can also see another green hillside view next to Guungan Hill, with a unique agricultural terrain surrounded by coconut trees.  Its tropical beauty cannot be matched.

 It is the best moment when visiting Mount Mountain, where there are not too many tourists there.

 3. Beautiful hilly views from the Balinese pavilion: Bukit Putung, Karangasem

 Bukit Putung is a great lookout point if you prefer green over blue.

 The most iconic part of Bukit Putung is definitely a small Balinese style pavilion.  The cute canopy adorns the beauty of the surroundings.

 With the combination of green hills, traditional gazebo, and horizon meeting the sea in the distance, you will surely appreciate this amazing moment.

 This area was first popularized by an Italian painter several decades ago, whose work depicts the beauty of the village.  But unfortunately, its popularity only lasted a short time, and the area was gradually being abandoned.

 But thanks to social media, many travelers are now rediscovering this hidden gem.

 4. An abandoned plane in a rice field has been turned into a restaurant: Keramas Aero Park, Gianyar

 There are several abandoned places in Bali.  And some of the most absurd of all are abandoned planes in a rice field.

 Although we don't know the origin of the plane, this area is actually a restaurant and bar called 'Keramas Aero Park', located not far from Keramas Beach, which has been considered the “Next Kuta”.


KeramasAeroPark (Indonesia.tripcanvas)

 If you notice that the plane's color has changed, it's because of the reconstruction that was done before the restaurant officially opened its doors to customers.  Initially it was white with the logo of a budget airline when it moved to the area, while the blue one is the newest.

 5. Marigold Flower Gardens: Temukus Village

 Temukus Village is not green but orange.  This place is blooming with yellowish orange flowers!

 If you have ever wondered, there is one particular flower that is used in religious rituals in Bali - the marigold flower, or locally known as 'Gemitir'.

 It's easy to imagine how beautiful it is to be in the middle of a flower field filled with marigolds.

 Temukus Village is a quiet village in East Bali, close to the holiest temple.  Many residents plant flowers, so you can find many flower fields here.  But don't forget to ask permission from the local people before entering the field.

 Another good news for travelers - the area also has fields of Edelweiss flowers.  And one important tip: it's better to visit the place before the harvest season, so that you can see the most fertile flower fields ever.

 6. The extreme route to the waterfall that flows directly into the sea: Seganing Waterfall, Nusa Penida

 Seganing Waterfall in Nusa Penida could easily be the leading candidate for the most extreme waterfall in Bali.  More precisely, what makes it extreme is not the waterfall, but the effort it takes to reach it.

 Although the path is dangerous to get to the waterfall, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the sea waves crashing on the cliff.

 You will see water flowing from the waterfall straight into the sea, small natural pools trapped in the rocks, cliffs and canyons of Nusa Penida, and the splashing waves.

 7. Instagramable extreme locations if you dare: Tukad Melangit, Banjar Antugan

 If you are an Instagram addict, this place is suitable for those of you who like to post on Instagram.  Banjar Antugan in the Jehem area, Bangli Regency, will be the right place for you.

 In the village there is a valley called 'Tukad Melangit', where you can get a spectacular panorama, complete with clear blue skies and lush green hills.

 For selfie lovers, there is a place built of bamboo right on the edge of a 300 meter high cliff.  That's where you can take photos while testing your guts.

 There are local residents who maintain the place regularly, so it may not be completely unsafe.  Do you dare to try it?

 8. Green sea that flows: Bukit Belong, Klungkung (Gunaksa Village)

 Standing among the gentle breeze at Bukit Belong is a truly relaxing experience with the comforts of nature.  The tall grass on top of the lush hills collided perfectly with the clear blue sky above which was speckled with floating white clouds.

 Bukit Belong is a hill that greets you with a stretch of verdant terraced rice fields as far as the eye can see, once you reach the top.  The route is not easy.  You have to climb a hill as far as 150 meters to get there.

 Once there, simply capture the scenery with nature as your backdrop and relax like a pro, because you're sure to get it after all the climbing efforts.

 9. Batu Molenteng Tree House

 Located right on Nusa Penida and overlooking Atuh Beach - this beautiful tree house is the newest unique addition to the island, providing stunning views of the dramatic Balinese landscape.

 Once you are in the tree house and looking outside, you will be able to see a beautiful and majestic sight.  From the beautiful Atuh Beach and the small islands around it such as Raja Ampat in Papua, to the many cliffs, ravines and hills that dot the Balinese landscape - a sight not to be missed.

 Luckily, the tree house is built with ladders, so you don't have to actually climb a tree just to get to the tree house!  Just take a picnic bag and make amazing memories up in the tree, complete with crazy views and delicious food!

 10. Infinity pool with incomparable sea views: Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida

 Peguyangan Waterfall in Nusa Penida is not a towering vertical flow of water like a waterfall in a forest in central Bali.


 Paguyungan Waterfall (Indonesia.Tripcanvas)

 Instead, it was a series of short storied fountains that ended up over the steep ravine and into the sea.

 Away from the ravines, the waterfall is the perfect place for all to enjoy a 'natural spa', and massage from the flowing water as it flows over the banks and shallow pools.

 Reaching the springs involves descending a narrow ladder to a cliff wall.  After a few 460 steps, the beautiful view of the waterfall is exhilarating and a relief.

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Bukit Belong is a hill that greets you with a stretch of verdant terraced rice fields as far as the eye can see, once you reach the top. The route is