MIKTA Countries Should Call for Vaccine Equality for all

11:35:00 pm

Jakarta, February 3, 2021 - "The year 2021 will still be a year full of challenges and struggles, but the world must be more optimistic with the decline in the rate of COVID-19 infection, global economic recovery, and the re-engagement of the United States to multilateral cooperation," he explained. Foreign Minister Retno at the 18th MIKTA Minister of Foreign Affairs (PTM) Meeting which was held virtually on February 3, 2021.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Foreign Minister also emphasized the important role of MIKTA as a cross-regional group, to form joint leadership and to become a bridge for the multilateral system. "The global crisis hitting the world not only brings challenges, but also becomes a test for our collective leadership, <" said Foreign Minister Retno.

 In his remarks, Foreign Minister Retno emphasized 3 main messages for MIKTA to continue its cooperation going forward. First, promoting multilateralism. The future of multilateralism is the key to sustaining international cooperation in responding to current and future global challenges.
 Second, MIKTA needs to promote the affordability and accessibility of vaccines globally. Foreign Minister Retno said MIKTA needed to anticipate the threat of vaccine nationalism and vaccine protectionism by ensuring fair access to vaccines for all countries in the world, especially for developing countries. This can be done by supporting the continued existence of COVAX, as the only multilateral platform for ensuring equitable access to vaccines.
 Third, strengthen cooperation in the creative economy and digital economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought disaster to the creative economy industry, so MIKTA needs to find a way to revive the sector without sacrificing public health. The digital economy is an industry that has high resilience during this pandemic. The combination of the digital economy and the creative economy can be the key to the sustainability of both.
 Foreign Minister Retno also emphasized the importance of efforts to achieve concrete results from MIKTA activities. "Real and concrete results will be able to minimize the distance between the formulation of policies by the Government and direct impacts at the grassroots level," said Retno.
 MIKTA, which consists of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia, continues to encourage the spirit of multilateralism in the midst of current global conditions. Among them is through the submission of the Joint Statement at the Head of State and Head of Government levels at the 75th UN General Assembly Session in 2020. MIKTA has also launched various collaborations, such as the MIKTA Development Cooperation Agency Network (DCAN), which can be the foundation for driving development cooperation going forward.
 This meeting resulted in a Joint Communique of MIKTA Foreign Ministers which contained joint views of MIKTA member countries on various global issues, including Indonesia's proposal regarding access to vaccines and a joint statement on developments in Myanmar.
 In the Joint Communique, MIKTA member countries expressed their concern over the political situation in Myanmar and emphasized the need for adherence to the conflicting parties to the rule of law, governance, democratic principles, and governance based on the constitution.
 At this meeting the chairmanship of MIKTA from South Korea was handed over to Australia which will coordinate MIKTA's activities in 2021. Indonesia said that MIKTA and G20 can synergize more, and that MIKTA can continue to be a driver of multilateralism and motor of development and cooperation after COVID-19 and the order global 21st century.